ReflexionsNZ Ltd
Professional Supervision
For Nurses

Karen Le Mar Professional Supervisor RN,
MN(hons). PG Cert Health Sciences (Professional Supervision)
Professional Supervision has been defined as:

“Regular, protected time for facilitated, in-depth reflection on clinical practice. It aims to enable the supervisee to achieve, sustain and creatively develop a high quality of practice through the means of focused support and development. The supervisee reflects on the part she plays as an individual in the complexities of the events and the quality of her practice.”        

Bond & Holland, 2001

"Proctors model is commonly referred to in relation to the functions of supervision. The functions, in brief, are restorative which is supportive in nature; normative which addresses the standards of practice and the formative function which is the educational component of supervision."

Brunero & Stein-Parbury, 2008

I offer a supportive environment to enable you to reflect on your practice and explore your ongoing professional journey. This incorporates safe ethical practice and professional development determined by the experiences and issues you bring to the session.

I work in a collaborative way acknowledging your expertise in your area of practice and provide a service to enable you to reflect on and develop your practice in a way that is meaningful to you and the people you work with. The professional supervision I offer is situated within a reflective practice model that incorporates strength based and solution focused concepts.

“Gathering the treasures of the past into the competencies of the present for the well being of the future.”                                                 

Michael Carroll, 2010
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